SEA provides a verification service to employers, public authorities, education / training bodies and any other official entity to which the awards are presented. The purpose of the service is to provide confirmation that the data on the document presented represents a real award made by SEA.

Every award parchment issued by SEA is equipped with advanced security features that enable them to be easily identified and cross-referenced with the data stored in SEA's information systems. To verify the authenticity of a document, simply scan it and send it to SEA via the help channel.

If seeking verification / confirmation of awards held by a person who claims to hold a SEA award but does not have the original certificate(s), it is necessary to submit the relevant personal details (name, dob, gender and pps) together with signed consent of the person involved.

Fraudulent documents presented as SEA awards or false claims of holding a SEA award are taken very seriously by SEA. If any such fraudulent activity is detected, it will be promptly reported to the appropriate authorities.